Mt Perry 17th Jan 2010

Date:Jan 17, 2010 Time:8:30 AM Type:Find Your Own Way Location:Mount Perry, Queensland

At various times, an unknown number or riders left in various directions for the purpose of meeting at the Mt Perry pub for lunch. I can only vouch for the A-Team which left at the usual time, headed for Paradise Dam via Fairnsfield and Childers. Naturally, as we approached the twisties the other side of Childers, we raninto a couple of slow cars. Some of us got past the first car but the the second one was pulling a trailer which was dumping water on the road in each left hand corner. Not to worry, we had the dam road to come. The dam road run was cattle and gravel free – which was good for all – especially the few visitors who had never been on that run. We stopped longer than we should have, chatting amongst ourselves and also with riders from others centres.

John Maltby lead the next section as for some unknown reason, there was a malicious rumour that i might get everyone lost. The ride to Gayndah for fuel was excellent and enhanced by the green countryside. On the way, Terry’s Le Mans had a minor problem. It only had 1st and 2nd gears. He intended to ride the bike back to Bundaberg, what a drag, but with some fiddling, he lost 1st and 2nd but gained the rest. Enough to continue the ride.

After refueling, John continued to lead til Eidswold. At Eidswold, Terry was marking a corner and was about 10 feet from a policeman having lunch. Harry turned up and with his voice that is famous for its carrying capacity, began discussing how fast they were going. I believe Terry was contemplating into his fuel tank.

By this time we were quite late and hot. The thought of a cool drink at the Mt Perry caused the pace to be picked up. All legal of course. We caught up with all the others at the pub and exchanged stories. John Alexander went via Mingo Crossing, a significant dirt stretch, naturally. Warren Walker took his KLR via Goodnight Scrub where he he had a close encounter with a tree. I’m not sure of the details, but although Warren and the bike were able to continue at a much slower pace. I believe the tree won.

Food and refreshments at Mt Perry and the usual exchange of codswallop was followed by a brisk trip to Gin Gin for another break, chat and drink. By theis time everyone was a little overheated and there didn’t seem to be enough shade to go around, so we headed for home and a cool shower.

A good run by all, but a bit tricky for Warren. The A-team would like to thank John for leading a section of the ride and Hadley and Harry sharing tail end Charlie.

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