Kin Kin – 16th July 2011

Date:Jul 16, 2011 Time:8:30 AM Type:Overnight ride for the adventurous Location:Kin Kin, Queensland

Writer: Tony Webber.


I arrived at the river bank to find Warren and Tim waiting in drizzling miserable conditions: – not to mention the weather. Tim wasn’t on his bike and I would have to say that it sure looked like a fairly ordinary sort of day for a bike ride.


Soon after Kev P turned up, so then there were three starters. Then John A turned up crash-parking the long suffering yet meticulously presented corona onto a garden bed. Another non-starter. Things weren’t looking that good.


We talked about cancelling the ride but then Trev and Karen arrived and we all decided that we may as well go. We set of on the first leg of the journey, toping at Isis Junction. The road was soaked but since it had not actually rained on us we decided to press on to our smoko stop at Bauple. We enjoyed a coffee and a pie and a chat and moved on about 11.30.


John A had told us about a vintage bike rally near Gympie, so we were looking for signs for that as we rode. It’s a funny thing though, when someone gives you directions, we somehow ended up with about five different ideas of where that rally might be. By the time we had turned into Traveston road I had abandoned all hope of finding any rally and was busy looking out for roos and cattle on the road, but fortunately Warren was on the ball and spotted a sign.


We back tracked and made our way up a short dirt road to what I think was Dingo creek winery to find a display of some beautiful old bikes under the biggest tent I have ever seen, bar the circus. We spent a bit of time marveling over some of the gems there and talking to the members and so on.


Still no real rain to speak of but a bit wet and cold from the road, we headed to Kin Kin arriving at about 3.30. The wood fire burning in the front bar certainly made for a very cozy change and we had no trouble settling in for the rest of the day and into the night, for a few drinks and a nice hot meal. We were joined that evening by a few locals and by about fifty members of the Masons Lodge all dressed in suits and going through various rituals with the goat –ok I made that bit up – all in all a great day.


Sunday morning up with the lark – no not really.


We had a slow start, a bit of break-fast at the pub and dried out our gear a bit.

It was good to see the sun breaking through in patches. By the time we were loading our bikes up old mate had the spit well and truly underway cooking lunch (must do that sometime).


We had got a message to Tim and Geri who would meet us that morning, somewhere.


We headed off via the old favourite Ceder Pocket Rd and on to Tin Can Bay for our real breakfast.


We met T & G there; down at the jetty where the dolphins come in, the sun was out by now a glorious day.


After a very leisurely feed we got moving about 11.30 heading home the back way over the weir and stopping at “the tree” for a drink.


We said our goodbyes and went from there arriving home about 3.30.


Another good weekend down, thanks to those who braved the elements.

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