Burrum Heads – 21st August 2011

Date:Aug 21, 2011 Time:8:30 AM Type:Short ride for lunch Location:Burrum Heads Rd and Esplanade

Written by Warren Walker


As per usual we gathered at Quay Street ready and eager for a therapeutic ride. We were somewhat delayed while we checked out a few new bikes to the club. Marty Lewis was along for his first club ride since he was injured some months back. His new bike, a Triumph Street Triple was surveyed and we all agreed it was a worthy replacement. We were all pleased to see Marty back riding and able to join us.


Peter Hansen’s Honda VFR800 also attracted plenty of attention. Its brightly polished rims etc. certainly made it stand out. Peter, however, seemed a little concerned he wouldn’t be able to maintain its sparkling finish as well as the previous owner had done.


Terry then arrived on his new Moto Guzzi Griso, promptly stealing the show with everyone keen to check it out. Again the decision was unanimous, we all agreed it was a great bike, but Harry didn’t like the colour of the seat.


Eventually we got moving with Scott arriving just as we were leaving the car park. Apparently his R1 had decided it didn’t want to play and Scott had to quickly get some charge into the battery.


We made our way out along the Childers Highway passing the radar gun at the West School and avoiding the Air Show Traffic with out incident. We turned off down Logging Creek Road and sedately proceeded along Farnsfield Road and into Childers.


We must have been travelling sedately as the police car going the other way never gave us a glance. Good to see such a law abiding group.


We stopped at Childers for a chat before heading through Howard and onto Toogum. It certainly appeared that no recent work had taken place on the Old Toogum Road with a number of comments on how rough it was. We settled down for a coffee and more discussion.


After whiling away a pleasant 45 minutes or so it was decided to move on. Tony, Loll, Peter and Terry left us at this stage to head for a camping expo at Maryborough while the remainder of us headed to Burrum Heads.


Marty and Wayne didn’t like the look of the weather, must be afraid of water, and turned off towards home. The rest of made our way to the boat ramp at the river mouth to check out the scenery and fill in time before lunch.


A very pleasant lunch at the local pub followed before we decided to head for home.


Pulling up outside the air show we said our good byes and went our separate ways.


It was a somewhat shorter ride than usual but the weather held out, no rain to speak of, and we had all enjoyed the day.


Thanks to those who came along and made for such a pleasant and relaxing time.


Thanks also to John A for performing tail end Charlie duties for the day

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