Ride report Imbil 2011

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IMBIL Rally 19th – 20th November 2011

Terry Bielenberg

Tony Webber

Peter Hansen

Trevor Dick

Harry Siermans

John Alexander

6 solo riders assembled at the Key Street car park for the 8.30am departure to the 2011 Imbil Rally.

The Imbil Rally is always held on the third weekend of November and is held at Borumba Deer Park near “Imbil”.

This ride had 4 veteran ‘Imbil Rally riders’ bikes loaded with camping gear for the weekend while Harry and John decided to come along for a day ride to see what it was all about. After a quick briefing John A took the first aid kit and fell in line as ‘tail end Charlie’.

A short ride to Childers saw us pull over to check on our luggage and discuss various issues of the day. It was then on to Maryborough Caltex for fuel and Sexy Coffee for a leisurely smoko.

Rested and renourished we headed for Imbil via Gympie without stopping until we reached the Imbil pub were a street full of bikes greeted us. We parked amongst the bikes and discussed refreshment options for the weekend. We left Tony to keep an eye on the bikes and gear (we actually just left him behind) to purchase various take away. The atmosphere and friendliness of the other riders saw us lose track of time, but we made our purchases and headed back to the bikes and discovered 2 things – thing 1) Harry’s top box holds a box of beer. Thing 2) – Tony was not amused at being left behind while the rest of us had a jolly good time at the pub.

It was then off to the rally site, passing a number of bikes on the way. Pulling into the site we were surrounded by people, bikes and atmosphere. We all handed over our entry fee and received our badge then set off to find a suitable camping spot. As we are now amongst the last to arrive we found a vacant area just to the side of the main camping area all on our own. Well alone except for the dog fieses as we were in the dog enclosure for the park, but hay you gotta laugh, and it wasn’t that bad!!!

Setting up our camps saw us reminisce to 2010 and John Malphy’s antics in setting up his tent. While Peter had a new tent he just didn’t give us the same entertainment. With a drink in hand it was then off to see the Gymkhana then on to walk around the site and look at the many bikes. I think we were all impressed with the new Ducati Devial as a piece of artwork. About now we noticed John A was missing – probably back at the Gymkhana we recon???

We made our way back to our camp and around this time I think Harry ducked back into Imbil and booked a motel room for John A and Himself to share. The afternoon slipped away and we all showered then made our way back to the entertainment area and grabbed a bite to eat. The dance floor was full and everyone was having a great time. We all stayed together for most of the night until we headed back to the camp for a night cap.

Well rested we awoke to another sunny day. We packed up and went and had breakfast with the rest of the bikers. John and Harry arrived and we decided to head for home via Maleny. We all enjoyed the Obi Obi Road ride as we made our way through the mountains to Montville. We headed for ‘Marry Cairncross Park’ at Maleny and I think to everyone’s surprise found the view from the Kiosk very rewarding. We enjoyed an early lunch and sat a while to take in the view. Lots of bikes came and went and we all felt very comfortable. We then set off and took a slight detour down ‘Burnett Lane/Reesville road back to Maleny-Kenilworth Road. Everyone enjoyed this ride as it had not been done before as a club ride.

We had a great ride back through to Kenilworth and retraced our rout all the way home.  It was all event free with sunny dry roads.

The Imbil Rally again proved successful as a club ride and it was great to see both John and Harry make the decision to stay overnight as the combined company made for a very enjoyable weekend for all.


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