Town of 1770 – 19th Feb 2012

Date:Feb 19, 2012 Time:8:30 AM Type:Monthly Ride Location:Seventeen Seventy, Queensland

Writer: Peter H.


This ride was to be led by Trevor Dick, however following a failed impersonation of Casey Stoner at Lakeside Raceway; he was unable to attend due to a broken collar bone. We had an excellent turnout of 15 bikes including 4 visitors. Lou who has been on a number of rides with us and 3 first timers, Terry Gladman riding a Griso and the father and son team of Rhys and Jeremy McCauley both riding Hyosungs.


We got away without any dramas and had an enjoyable ride to our first stop at the service station near the Miriam Vale turnoff. It was at this point Harry decided to turn back as his tyres were so badly worn even John Alexander would balk at riding on them.


After a drink and a drain, we set off for 1770. On the way we ran into a short sharp shower which cooled things down nicely as it was starting to get hot. After arriving at 1770, some who have never been there did the scenic tour while the rest of us settled in for some refreshments and an early lunch. Terry Beilenberg and Tony and Cathy Pico arrived at about this time further boosting the numbers. There was a lot of interest in the sand bar just off the coast. The attraction may have been the 2 bikini clad backpackers sunbaking there. Obviously my eyes are failing because it turns out they were topless.  Some of our visitors left us to do some more sight seeing.


After lunch, we fuelled up and set off for Bucca Pub where a blues band was playing. Again we went through another shower and as the temperature was about 33 degrees and the humidity around the 70% mark, the only person to complain would have been Terry because he was wearing his new open face helmet. It’s a nice ride the back way to Bucca but the roads a little rough.


We arrived at the pub to witness the drummer of the band going berserk on the drums. Man he was good. The band was very different and very entertaining. When we left, we found the crossing under water and not worth the risk so as ride leader I did an about turn and headed off only to quickly get the feeling I was alone. The Bucca bypass, of course! I found them waiting for me there and I’m sure they would not have been saying things like “he’s done it again”.


Tony was leading at this point and after a nice brisk trip over the Cedar’s, we were home. For me it was the first decent ride in quite a while and I had forgotten how enjoyable riding can be, even in the heat. It was alsoWarren’s first decent ride after shoulder surgery and its good to see it held up well. Thanks to Harry Cooper for being Tail End Charlie, again.