Ride to Paradise – April 2012

Date:Apr 16, 2012 Time: Type:Monthly Ride Location:Paradise Dam


Ride to Paradise

Warren W.

 16th April 2012.

The usual motley crew of motorcyclist gathered at Quay Street all anxious for a relaxing day of riding and socializing. We had a total of thirteen motorbikes with Terry, and his son Kegan, and Chris coming along as guests for the day. President Tony had turned up in the ute pleading ill from some mysterious malady. He suggested he would ride up later and meet us at the dam so we let him off with minimal ribbing. We had a quick briefing while John A gleefully collected the newly introduced ride fee. I’ve never seen someone so happy to collect money. That particular task is in fine hands .After proposing a couple of alternatives I let the group decide how we would start the day. It was decided that a visit to the Historical Machinery Exhibit was in order so we departed for the short run to Tegege Hall.

We had a non eventful run to the site and after deciding on a departure time the group scattered to investigate what ever old piece of machinery took their fancy. There was plenty to choose from with a wide range of stationary engines, generators, pumps and the like on show as well as a collection of old trucks, tractors and other earth moving equipment. Some found the demonstration of horse drawn ploughing to be of particular interest while others were intrigued by the demonstration of milking and butter making. Tim claimed that if you listening carefully to the range off stationary engines running you could hear a sound reminiscent of a well tuned Harley. Some people may think this to be an unfair comment; the old engines were all running extremely well.

We left as planned and ventured via Quinns Road onto Bucca road and through to Bullyard before turning onto the Wallaville Road. After a few kilometers I led the group through a couple of back roads to McIllwraith, and then wandered on to Wallaville via a few more little known roads. We then proceeded on to the Bruce highway and a well paced run took us to the Booyal service station so that those with limited fuel range could top up. Unfortunately the servo was out of petrol. We pulled up but quickly decided to continue to the dam after checking to see if Terry would have enough fuel to get back.

We made our way to the dam road but not wanting to arrive too early for lunch after a few kilometers of those enticing curves I turned off and headed towards North Dallarnil. A kilometer from there we turned off onto Emu Road and came out near Didcot? From there we headed out through Corringa Road and eventually came out on the dam road about half a kilometer from were we had turned off. This little detour of about 40 kilometres is a great ride with some good roads, nice bends and some terrific views of the still green scenery. A bit of care is needed on some of the narrow roads but it is definitely worth the effort.

Back on the dam road we continued to the dam with the usual enthusiasm this smooth and winding series of curves produces to arrive and find Tony already present and talking to a couple, Casz and Davo, both Triumph riders, he had just met. There was also a large group of other bikes from the Monto area present. After settling in, those of us who had decided to barbeque started cooking while the rest headed to the café for takeaway food. After eating we continued to engage in a series of earnest conversation on all manner of serious topics and ended up spending quite a while under the shelter enjoying the banter. In all, a very pleasant way to pass the time.

We eventually departed with various riders adopting various speeds on the dam road. We regrouped at the intersection on the Booyal Dallarnil Road before making our way to Apple Tree Creek for a fuel stop. Thankfully everyone made it although some tanks were a bit low by then. A number of the group decided to head home from there to undertake various afternoon chores while the remainder of us were feeling a little dehydrated and decided to visit the pub at Cordalba. We spent some time there just relaxing and kicking back before  heading for home.

Although we didn’t really venture far from home we all enjoyed the day taking some roads less travelled at a less hectic pace. It was a little different from our usual rides but I think everyone had a good time and we all got home feeling relaxed and reinvigorated. Thanks to Terry for once again filling the tail end Charlie duties and to all the riders who came along to make it a great day.

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