Tin Can Bay March 2012 – The Big Wet

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Ride Report– Tin Can Bay -The big wet.    March 2012

Tony W.

We were all optimistic, but I don’t think anyone really thought it wouldn’t rain.  About ten bikes with fourteen people on board, including a couple of visitors, set off.  We had a brief toilet stop in Childers and then made our way to Bauple for smoko.  Everyone did the right thing and provided a random breath test, but no one won a prize, as we were on the road into Bauple…so all was well. The girls had set us up out the back in the shed in case of rain with complementary tea and coffee. Everyone seemed to enjoy their pies etc. Only a couple of showers so far maybe it would clear…then again, maybe not.

As we prepared to move on it was already starting to fall. On went the serious raingear and it continued to get heavier most of the way to Glenwood where we stopped for fuel. Fortunately it backed off a bit and we slipped along through Harvey siding road and Cedar pocket road with only light showers. Then we got to Kin Kin and it really opened up. It rained fairly heavily all the way to Boreen point, our lunch stop.

Lunch and a beer were good but the rain wasn’t letting up so we saddled up for the next leg of the journey to Tin Can Bay. Now we had been over the road through to Wolvi before and i did know there was 4 k of dirt still, but I had rang the Kin Kin pub and asked if the road was now sealed. ABSOLETELY I was assured. I asked the same question at Borene Point and was told that no it was still gravel. The optimist in me chose to believe the barmaid from Kin Kin (how could she be wrong). And so it was that as the rain fell and the visor and glasses fogged up I found myself hitting the dirt at an inappropriate speed. In that moment I was both terrified then relieved to find a very stable surface beneath my wheels. When I saw a line of headlights in my mirror even though I had promised not to do the dirt I decided to press on and thankfully all went well.  As we got back to the Tin Can Bay road the rain eased a bit and we were able to pick the pace back up a bit and had a good run to our destination.

A hot shower never felt so good and soon a good meal and a couple of drinks followed and even a little surprise birth day party for Claudia who had driven down with the girls to join us for the night. We had parked our bikes under the old house next door which was a good move because it started raining again and just absolutely poured I think it hammered down most of the night but most of us retired reasonably early and I  know I slept through it.

Next morning up early Dave and Grumpy and Tim and Gerry headed of early returning on the back road. The rest of us went to the marina for breakfast hoping to catch up with the resident dolphins. On leaving the car park Harry had a little mishap and as a result is now recovering from a broken fibula I believe (hope the old bones mend quickly Harry) At breakfast not only did the dolphins turn up but the army did too. So we were treated to watching the troops on a training run securing the car park and unloading some boats from the landing craft and then taking to the water in a couple of amphibious vehicles. Before we left Tim called to warn us of the state of the road, they had ridden through quite a bit of water over the road. We decided to play it safe returning to Gympie and then down the Bruce.

It rained pretty much all the way back to Maryborough were we stopped at Matilda. After a break we said goodbye to Kev and Wendy who stayed to catch up with friends and headed for home. The rain had eased and we were back a bit after lunch time. Surprisingly some people said they really enjoyed the weekend despite the conditions. I suppose we can’t always have perfect weather. Thanks to everyone for braving the elements maybe it will be dry next time.

Cheers Tony.

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