April 2013 Bunya Mountains

April 2013 Bunya Mountains

Date:Apr 30, 2013 Time: Type:Weekend trip / Monthly RIde Location:Bunya Mountains

2013 Bunya Mountains Ride Report  

 Ride Leader: Peter H.

20th & 21st April 2013

There was no pressure for an early start as the planned route was direct as after the floods I wasn’t sure of the conditions of some of the more interesting roads. The only commitment we had was to catch up with Tony and Lol at Biggenden. They were returning from a holiday out west. The day was perfect. Not too hot and not a cloud in the sky. Peter Baxter rang to say his MV Augusta had a flat battery and consequently he would be half an hour late and as Trevor had forgotten the first aid kit and “tail end Charlie” shirt, some of our time was gobbled up. Still no MV Augusta but we eventually got away. Tim and Geri were to leave about mid-day because of Geri’s work commitments. We had a quick stop at Childers then off to Biggenden with John Bonaventura bringing up the rear as “tail end Charlie”.

 There were thousands of bikes on the road due to the Ulysses AGM at Maryborough. There was also a zero tolerance policy by the police in the Bundaberg region due to a nasty accident on the Friday so steady riding was the order of the day.

 As we rolled into the service station at Biggenden, Tony and Lol rolled in the other end. Perfect timing. After a pleasant chinwag about the trip out west, road conditions etc, we parted company. Still no MV. The conditions were glorious and so was the countryside being lush and green. We stopped at Wondai for a leg stretch and a stickybeak at the wood museum and what should arrive, an MV Augusta. Peter had finally caught up.

 Lunch, which was very filling, was at the Carrollee Pub in Kingaroy. We bought a carton of beer, stuck the cans in whatever spaces we could find, fuelled up, bit of confusion there, then off the Bunyas. Terry turned down an offer of a beer as he wanted to be focussed for the windy bits. There aren’t any I told him. It’s a goat track.

 Up the mountain we went; it got steeper, narrower, damper, colder, wallabies everywhere. SHIT. That bloody Guzzi blasted past. Again. Frightened the life out of me, and the MV was hot on it’s heals. Come on fellas it’s a goat track.  I think they figured that out because they weren’t far ahead when I got the top.

Bunya views

Bunya views

 We arrived at our destination, into our accommodation and into the beer, got the fire going and then the only downer of the whole trip. Warren’s battery crashed. 4:00pm on a Saturday at the Bunyas is not the ideal time or place to have a battery fail on a bike.  So it was on the phone to RACQ and that was the end of Warrens ride for the weekend. There is an irony there somewhere. Modern bikes with their incredible reliability can be brought undone with a failed battery where in the “old days”; bikes that were always breaking down were often ridden for months with dead batteries.

 Dinner started out as a quiet affair with a little confusion over where the wine was but things got under way as the consumption increased, so did the bullshit. Simon made his appearance and put in a spirited contribution to the codswallop. The food was surprisingly good and although the prices were about half that of the previous owners, we still spent a fair bit, with the garlic breads, deserts, coffees and the port. Everyone had a great night especially Geri, Karen and Wendy. Good to see the wives coming along and enjoying themselves.

 I do have an apology to make. Apparently I confused Terry before the ride. I told him something like the guy on the F4 Augusta is coming on the Bunya ride and he interpreted it as some thing like there is a category 4 cyclone at port Augusta and its going to rain at the Bunyas.  The link between Port Augusta and the Bunyas had him puzzled. Fortunately we managed to clear that up.

 Sunday was chilly and glorious. After 10 minutes of riding we were descending the mountain where it was rapidly warming. John had a close call with a kangaroo on the decent, ran over its tail. The 5km of dirt road was in excellent condition and we soon arrived at Maidenwell where we had breakfast. Those of us who needed to answer the call of nature were treated to a toilet with a view. The problem was the view went both ways.

 The trip back to Bundy kept us off the highway till Maryborough with lunch at the Hideaway in Tiaro.

 There were many laughs, not too many drinks, probably too much food, fabulous weather and no serious dramas with Warren’s battery failure being the only negative. It doesn’t get much better. Thanks to John for being tail end Charlie and also Tim and Geri for doing the last bit.

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