November 2013. Ride for Harry

Date:Nov 30, 2013 Time: Type:Monthly Ride Location:Local Beaches

Ride for Harry Cooper

17th November 2013

Ride Leader Warren W.

The November ride was initially meant to be a week end overnight trip to the Imbil Rally. However as various people gradually pulled out, due to personnel or work commitments, it became evident that this was unlikely to happen. Then we were all shocked to hear of the passing of Club Secretary Harry Cooper. With Harry’s funeral on the Friday nobody was in the mode for a week end away.

At the close of the funeral ceremony a group of club members gathered together and discussed the idea of a ride for Harry. We decided we should honour Harry with a ride that may have had some significance to him. We made arrangements to meet up at the usual spot on Sunday and agreed to discuss a destination then.

  A fairly large proportion of the club members met on the Sunday and we set about determining where we would go. Harry Siemens remembered how Harry Copper spoke about the rides he used to take part in many years ago when a group of riders would do a trip around the local beaches. Unanimously deciding this would be appropriate, it was left to me to decide on a route.

We jumped on the bikes and departed, heading over the new bridge due to the old bridge being closed for Bundaberg’s 125th centenary celebrations.  Travelling along Moore Park road we took the Booyan turnoff before turning off to approach Moore Park through Sylvan Sands. We passed through Moore park and then along Fairydale Road to Tantitha. Some of the roads were pretty rough; I guess that the local council has not had the resources to repair every road in the district after all the damage in January. I did have the thought however that the ride was probably no worse than what Harry would have experienced on his old bikes 30 or 40 years ago.

Travelling back through town we went via Kirby’s Road and onto the port and Burnett heads. Somewhere along the way Peter pulled out on the MV as a result of a concern about his tyre. He had found it flat that morning and was not confident it would stay inflated for the rest of the day. Passing though Burnett Heads I was surprised to see Tim and Peter coming the other way after apparently losing the rest of us. Actually I was surprised to see Tim, Peter’s celebrated lack of direction meant I was not surprised at all that he should take another path.

We rode through Burnett Heads and Bargara where unfortunately everyone else became held up by some slow moving cars along the esplanade. I pulled up and waited for them before heading to Elliot Heads. We parked opposite the shop under the shade of a few trees where Syd made the observation that he wasn’t aware that Elliot Heads was more than 100 kilometres from Bundaberg

 We visited the shop for refreshments before relaxing outside in the shade. We discussed many and varied things including some stories of Harry and his speed way antics from Ian Weeks.

By now we had lost Tim as well as he had to return home early due to other commitments. Others were also thinking of an early day so we aborted the original idea of going to Woodgate and decided the Bargara Pub would be a good venue for lunch. We headed back avoiding the esplanade etcetera where the traffic had delayed us earlier. On arrival at the pub Terry and Ian rang their respective spouses who turned up to join us for lunch, with Claudia bringing along the kids.

A leisurely lunch followed, more stories were told before we went our respective ways home. While a very different ride we all had a good time and agreed that sometimes you don’t need to go a long way to have a good day. I think that Harry was in the back of everyone’s mind at some stage of the day but despite the sadness we all enjoyed ourselves which is exactly what Harry would have wanted. As has been said many times before in the short time he has left us Harry will be missed. I would like to thank all the other club members who came along to honour Harry.  Also thank you to Syd for performing the tail end Charlie duties for the day.

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