Imbil Rally Weekend November 2012

Imbil Rally Weekend November 2012

Date:Dec 31, 2013 Time: Type:Monthly ride Location:Imbil, Queensland

November 2012 Imbil Rally Weekend                                                          


17th & 18th November 2012

 Ride Leader Terry B.



John A and Syde came to the River Side to see Warren, Peter, Tony, Trevor, Harry C &Myself (Terry) off to the 2012 Imbil Rally. Trevor and Harry C would ride part of the way while Harry S indicated he would come for the day ride but he left a message that the inclement weather played a part in his no show.

 Syd suggested to keep off the Bruce because of the road works. So we planned to travel by Childers, Biggenden and Tansey.

 I led the group and pulled in at Childers to check on our loads making the mistake to park on the wrong side of the “No Parking, Buses Excepted” sign. While most riders parked with me Peter and Tony parked on the other side aware of the illegal act that was transpiring. And yes, the Greyhound Bus pulled in!!! After some severe counselling from the group Harry C noticed that his rear tyr had a split in it right around the entire circumference in the middle of the tread. This was a new tyre and was a replacement for another that did a similar thing. Maybe the Avon was part of a bad batch. With that Harry C decided to limp home just in case.

 We rode on to Biggenden and had coffee for smoko. After a bit more of a yarn Trevor left to return to Bundy for his brand new Granddaughters birthday party.

 So the 4 remaining riders made our way to Killkeven Hotel where we enjoyed a healthy lunch with good service from the young backpackers attending us. From Killkeven we rode on through Widgie to Gympie, refuelled then straight out to Imbil passing the 1 and only Police car we saw on the trip. We pulled into the Imbil Hotel and rehydrated while purchasing a box of beer and bag of ice. Peter rearranged his stuff to accommodate most of the beer and ice with the remaining beer spread out over the other bikes. On arrival at the rally site it was obvious the numbers were down. We had a choice of camp sites and after carful surveying chose our spot. We made camp and Warren emptied his top box that converted to our insulated esky and table in 1.

Brilliant!!! We enjoyed the now infamous tradition of canned Mussels and biscuits with cold beer.

 It must be noted that pegging the tents down was hard work as the ground was dry and as hard as cement. Tony failed to bring his bike cover but it didn’t seem to be of concern at this point. After a look around the rally site we showered and went over to the bar area for a burger and music. Like always at a rally we enjoyed being part of the crowed but then the rain started and reports of a severe storm with hail soon had us all heading back to our camp. With his smart phone Peter confirmed that indeed a heavy patch of rain was coming our way so it was time to get everything stowed away. With wind and lighting all around with some rain we soon had everything ship shape and we were contemplating how to cover Tony’s bike when a bloke from a caravan came rushing over with a piece of foam and a large cover for the bike. We quickly ocky strapped the cover on just as the rain really started. We took refuge in the gardeners shed surrounded by trailers and machinery and watched the electrical show nature was putting on. Peter retired to bed but Tony, Warren and I found some chairs and settled in. A number of passer bys came in and chatted and 3 trail bike guys turned up late and found shelter with us. They rolled their stuff out and slept amongst the machinery wherever they could find space. Our tents kept us all reasonably dry and we wear much better prepared then a lot of other campers who endured a wet night, evidenced the next morning with all the wet camping gear out drying.

 We packed up on the Sunday, had breakfast and headed for home by kin Kin. It was a dry ride with good road conditions. We all had a pie for brunch then we all got very wet after ridding through a downpour on the way into Maryborough. We all made it home without any issues mid afternoon. It was again a great weekend with enough excitement to make it memorable.

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