Peter Triumph

Peter Triumph

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Peter Triumph

Previous Bikes

BSA 650                                   Yamaha XS1 650                     Yamaha XS2 650

Norton Commando 850          Suzuki 500 Triton                    Ducati 860 GTS

Suzuki GS850                           Yamaha FJ1200                       Triumph Sprint ST

Honda VFR 800

Current Bike

Triumph Sprint GT


Peter Hansen originally hails from a small one pub town, Railton, in Tasmania. In about 1971 while in Hobart he had a ride on some unknown Suzuki in a car park and was instantly hooked. This addiction stuck and he has continued to ride apart from a period of 8 or 9 years when marriage, study and family life got in the way.

Peters first bike was a BSA 650 with “spitfire” cams, many cosmetic modifications, ape hangers, the lot as Peter put it. It was apparently also very loud. This would have been an interesting bike around Hobart where Peter lived at the time. He progressed through a series of bikes until the previous mentioned break, returning to motorcycling on the GS850.

Peter enjoys travelling to new places and seeing the sights. This often involves winding roads where motorcycling has been a real advantage to him. Suffering badly from motion sickness, a lot of these places would be impossible for Peter to access and enjoy in a vehicle. This is not an issue on a motorcycle and consequently he is able to get to these locations and have fun doing it.

Perhaps it is a result of this method of combating travel sickness or perhaps it reminds him of riding in Tasmania but Peter’s favourite rides involves mountains and windy roads. With no mountains available he will make do with hills but to really enjoy it he prefers windy roads, good scenery and “getting it right” on the corners. Sharing this with friends and enjoying the conversations and stories, especially on our overnight trips, is one of the highlights of motorcycling for Peter.

He particularly enjoys the roads around the Sunshine Coast hinterlands and the old favourite, the road to Paradise Dam. Some of his most memorable trips include his original ride to Queensland and a trip around the South Island of New Zealand. He also rates highly a trip to the Snowy Mountains via every conceivable windy road and a similar trip to the Victorian Alps. These rides were in company with fellow club mates who had become friends because of similar interests and views. This is a reflection of what the club has brought to Peter and other members. Surprisingly he also thoroughly enjoyed a recent ride to Longreach with fellow club member Terry Bielenberg. This is in complete contrast to his previously mentioned preference for winding roads. It just shows that motorcycling can provide enjoyment in many different forms.

A great believer on rider training he has completed about 5 advanced rider training days in recent years. He states “I highly recommend riders do one of the advanced training riding courses (eg Stay Upright Advanced 1). They are a lot of fun and I learned heaps. I thought I knew it all. Ha! Also if you have uncontrollable urges to ride too fast on roads, do track days. You can ride as fast as you like, be as competitive as you like on an ideal surface with no threat of being booked and it’s a lot safer”.

Apart from motorcycling Peter enjoys squash, photography and travelling. He is in a relationship where there are kids involved and he enjoys “trying hopelessly” to help them with their homework and assist them in their activities. He works as a farm manager for SRA (was the BSES), after completing university studies as a mature age student. Ironically this is in the sugar industry, a work place he vowed never to return to after his previous employment as a haulout driver convinced him to undertake university studies.

Peter has been President and Vice President several times during his involvement with the club. Always available to assist in the running of the club he has contributed significantly over the years. He has led numerous rides and has been a constant source of amusement with his talent for missing turns and getting everyone a little geographically misplaced. This is only surpassed by his ability to completely confuse a meal order and the kitchen staff at many a hotel or cafe. Always a good conversationalist he is an interesting person to share a dinner table with. Just watch your meal order and make sure Peter doesn’t accidently start on yours.

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