November 2014. Awoonga Dam – Tannum Sands

Date:Nov 17, 2014 Time:8:30 am Type:Monthly Ride Location:Awoonga Dam - Tannum Sands

Ride Report  Awoonga-tannum sands 16/11/2014 Kev Pearcey

Nine bikes and riders with one passenger left Quay St at 8.30.  Hot ,windy conditions had set the scene for a sultry day. We made our way along Rosedale rd. at one point getting passed a tray back 4wd with cane trash bales on the back that was blowing trash and dust into our faces. A reasonably leisurely pace brought us upon a short road work, which , fortunately, had us waiting only a couple of minutes.

We turned onto the Fingerboard rd making our way across to Miriam Vale where we stopped at the Servo at the Northern end of Town. Refreshments and a chat with some taking advantage of the air conditioned café.

Heading North again was uneventful as we made our way to the Awoonga Dam turn off. Heading up the main dam road I was surprised to see a new housing estate with a large number of houses. It had probably been two years since I had been up this road, and development was certainly on the move.

We had a short stop at the Dam Wall lookout to take a few snaps and read the information board regarding the construction and purpose for  the Dam. Another short ride down the steep boat ramp road ,then we all agreed with the heat of the day it was time to get to Tannum and find some refreshments.

Back across the main highway and across the Boyne river brought us to the trendy township of Tannum Sands. We rode along the Esplanade traversing the concrete turtle speed bumps then made our way up to the Tannum Sands Tavern. A reserved table awaited us in the air conditioned bistro, and it was certainly great to get the bike gear off and get some fluids into our thirsty bodies.

We had a great meal and all enjoyed the friendly talk and laughter that is always present in our club. This area has some great views across the coast which we enjoyed before making our way back to the highway. The ride south again was without any problems apart from the few car drivers that seem to insist on passing a line of bikes no matter what it takes and cutting them off to get back into the left lane. Just another of the ever present hazards to be aware and ready for when riding.

The air temperature was intense, riding in some of the lower patches back into Gin Gin. Peter H. recorded 43.6 deg. On his ambient temperature gauge, but I am sure the heat coming up off the engine and road must have been hotter. Some members later saying they thought it had been their hottest ride even surpassing some of their rides out West.

Another refreshment stop at Gin Gin, and a final talk about the days events, which everyone said they had enjoyed,  along with the usual goodbyes saw us head back to Bundaberg and home, where I know for one, the heat of the day, coupled with the concentration of riding with Wendy on the bike had me snoring on the sofa in no time.

Thanks to Ken C. for riding as tail end Charlie.

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