March 2016. Ricks Garage and Mooloolaba.

Date:Mar 19, 2016 Time:8:00 am Type:Monthly Ride Location:Rick's Garage & Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba Ride, 19th-20th March 2016

About 13 bikes gathered at the BP on Simms Road for an 8 o’clock departure to Mooloolaba. Mostly members, but we had along 3 visitors.

We set off at 8 o’clock for a toilet stop at Sexie Coffee. When we arrived some people chose to have a quick cup of coffee and a bite to eat as well. Most of us had a bit of a chat and got going again towards the smoko stop, which was at Woolooga.
We stopped at the Rusty Ute Cafe and enjoyed the country hospitality – good simple food and nice coffees, etc. A most enjoyable stop.
When everyone was fed and watered we headed off, content on staying off the Bruce Highway and travelling back roads, thus avoiding Gympie at all costs. While waiting at the turn-off to Rocks Road, it became apparent that some of the riders were missing. They eventually caught up some time later… turns out Ken, the tail ender, had overbalanced while leaving Woolooga and had a bit of a tumble. Not to worry, everything was ok. We were all back together and travelled on through the back roads and into the Mary Valley, with a good ride through some of the best country and onto our next fuel stop at Mapleton. A good ride through here, always enjoyed by everyone.
Leaving Mapleton service station along the road and then took a left down into Palmwoods to our lunch destination, which was Ricks Garage. For those that haven’t been to Ricks Garage, it’s an American-style diner that’s very popular with bike groups and others. We sat back, had our lunch and a couple of beers.

When we were all ready it was time to set off to Mooloolaba, which was not far now. Ken the tail ender did the right thing and counted the 13 bikes leave and then followed, but it wasn’t until we got to the motel at Mooloolaba that we realised that Ricky was missing. Turns out that one of the bikes Ken counted wasn’t in our group but had joined in – it was Terry’s daughter and her boyfriend, which upset the count, and poor old Ricky was left behind with a bike that wouldn’t start. He had sufficient ability to realise the side stand switch had failed and swiftly affected a repair, and joined us at the motel.
Everyone had checked in and it was a warm afternoon, and it didn’t seem long that quite a number of us were sitting around the pool having a quiet drink. Others wandered off or had a snooze and we wiled away the afternoon in a very relaxing manner.

That night we headed off downtown towards Mooloolaba, stopping at Taps for a drink, and then onto the Mooloolaba Surf Club for tea. It was busy, loud and crowded as usual, but we took a number and played the waiting game and had a few drinks, and eventually had a feed.
After that a few of us went for a walk up the street to have an ice cream and hung around for a while before heading back to the motel. Some others I believe headed off to the Irish bar for a night out.
All the while, rain was either threatening or starting to rain a bit. Through the night it then rained heavily, and that’s ok, except Ricky’s bike was out in the rain and in the morning it would not go.
Come time to leave we mucked around in the car park for an hour but the old Yamaha refused to start. We eventually decided to abandon him and it (he was being rescued by RACQ) and mounted up and headed out for home.

We headed north along the coast for a few km’s and then got back onto Sunshine Motorway, and took the Yandina-Coolum Road which was a lovely country ride back to the highway.
Back on the Bruce and heading for home, at some point there was a section of roadworks and somewhere in that section I managed to run over something which I hit with such force it launched us into the air. After a few anxious moments waiting for the tyres to go flat and with nowhere to really stop, I decided to press on and pulled off into the Mary Valley where we stopped for a quick look at the bike. I didn’t see anything obvious at first, but it was clear that something was wrong as I could feel a shake in the front end. We mounted up and headed on through the Mary Valley to Widgee, where we stopped for smoko and to have a closer look. It was there that we spied the front rim was bent.
In the meanwhile, before we had left the motel, Carl had had a flat tyre. They pumped it up and he and Wayne had decided to head straight home.

After Widgee, back through Malooga again, and rejoined the Bruce Highway at Tairo and headed down to our next stop which was the BP Roadhouse at Torbanlea. We were having a break and a chin wag there, and Ricky passed us in the tow truck. He beat us all home.
Uneventful trip from there to Bundy, where we all peeled off and went our separate ways.

Considering the amount of back roads and unfamiliar congested coastal roads, I think the corner marker system worked flawlessly. Thanks to Ken for being the tail ender for the weekend, and thanks to everyone who came along and made it a success.


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