2015/16 Presidents Report

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Bundaberg and District Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club

2015- 2016 Presidents Report.

21st March, 2016

This past year has seen us maintain the status quo. Our financial position is very similar to this time last year and out membership numbers have remained fairly steady. We have gained some new members however others have drifted away. The website is assisting in finding new members but word of mouth is also contributing. If all members can promote the club to riders they know it will assist in maintaining membership numbers and the continued enjoyment of mixing with like minded people. We have recently had quite a number of guests on various rides and hopefully a few more of them will decide to join the club. New members and new ideas will always be welcome and help to keep the club fresh.

As in any club the enjoyment gained from being a part of it is down the members. As in previous years there has been a core of members responsible for the clubs continuing success with their efforts. Those who attend meetings, lead rides or contribute in other ways deserve the thanks of all members. Without the efforts of these people the club would not be able to function and i hope that everyone is appreciative of this. A big thank you goes to those who organise the overnight rides. These take a significant amount of time and effort to sort and without these members willingness to do the work the club would be much poorer for it.

We have also had some home invasions during the year. The pizza night at the Webbers springs to mind as a particularly enjoyable event. If members are willing to think outside the box and come up with fresh ideas such as this we all benefit and it makes the club a more enjoyable entity to be part of.

I believe the past year has been interesting. While we have revisited a lot of destinations we have had been to some “new” places. Boonaroo, the Emu Park Crocodile farm and The Indian Motorcycle museum spring to mind. It is difficult to find new places to visit close by so the overnight rides certainly add to the variety. If we continue in this vein and also attract some new members with fresh input and new stories and experiences to share i think we will continue to maintain a club we can all appreciate being part of.

Again i would like to extend my thanks to all members who have supported myself and the members of the committee over the last twelve months. Speaking of the committee, Kevin Pearcey and John Alexander have continued their sterling work from previous years and I would particularly like to thank them, on behalf of all members, for doing so.

In closing, I am hopeful that we will be able to continue to maintain the club for the enjoyment of all. The continuing efforts of everyone will ensure this happens and I hope that everyone can continue to enjoy the rides and the camaraderie our club provides.

Warren Walker

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