July 2016. Toogoom and Howard.

Date:Jul 24, 2016 Time:08:30 am Type:Ride Report Location:Howard, Queensland

Ride to Toogum and Howard

24th July  2016

Ann-Maree Munt

Due to the wet weather causing some interruptions for our normal ride days Dale offered to lead a ride to Toogoom on Sunday, 24 July.  The day was well attended with 15 bikes and 22 riders and passengers.   The mix included a number of guests.  It was great to see them come along.

We set off with Dale in the lead and Wayne & Helen “tail end Charlie” on their Triumph T120 Bonneville (brand new).

From Bundaberg we travelled through to Wallaville, then along Currajong Farms Road and wound our way through the hills to come out at Tirroan Pub, heading into Gin Gin for our pies and hot drinks.  Somewhere between the pub and Gin Gin it has been told that a Maremma Sheepdog was chasing some riders and doesn’t seem to like Peter’s Triumph J

One of our guests decided to have a bit longer ride leaving us at Gin Gin to travel to Rockhampton and visit with family.

The ride leader kept everyone on their toes with a couple of U-turns here and there (not sure if the GPS or Annie was giving the directions or perhaps Dale was listening to “I feel like dancing by Scissor Sisters”)?

From Gin Gin we travelled down the highway and made our way to Toogoom.  It was a warm day and upon our arrival at Toogoom there were a number of people enjoying these conditions on the water.  From the feedback received it seems a number of our members might be back with their canoes/kayaks to explore further.

After a short break we headed back for lunch and a coldie at the Howard Pub.

Following this we returned home.  All in all a good day.

Hope to see some of the guests back for another ride.

Thanks to Dale for leading the ride and Wayne for taking on the role of Tail End Charlie.

Thanks also for those who still followed the leader even when lost (l.o.l)

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